Product Differentiation

It is easy in the craft brewing world for brewers to achieve product differentiation and New Belgium is no different.  New Belgium offers 15 year round beers and many seasonal brews as well.  In these many seasonal brews, there is an enormous amount of differentiation just among their own beers with styles ranging from the beer that started the company, Fat Tire Amber, to several different IPA’s, to the Belgian style Trippel.  Even among the four IPA offerings, there is great differentiation in both hop flavor and alcohol content.  This allows consumers to pick different flavors as well as a beer more suited for a different time, like the session IPA, Slow Ride. Session beers are the latest craze in the craft beer world as they are big on flavor but with low alcohol, allowing for more drinking. Because craft beer is so diverse it is easy to differentiate on taste and style and New Belgium has mastered many styles in this pursuit.