Strategic Alliances

The craft brewing world is a collaborative group by nature. Many began their brewing adventure as homebrewers who learned to make beer from each other, only to then take those skills to the ‘Pro’ world and make a job of it. This leads to a collaboration mindset among the brewers and New Belgium is no different. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, New Belgium gathered 5 breweries to have each produce a distinctive “Riff” on their flagship beer, Fat Tire Amber Ale. Each brewery conceived their own unique take or twist on Fat Tire and New Belgium packaged two of each in a unique collaboration 12 pack. As one of the collaborating breweries pointed out, the process involved the brewery designing the beer and then going to New Belgium’s brewhouse to brew the beer together. New Belgium took care of finishing, packaging and distributing the beer with each of the collaborators participating in the promotion of the final product. It is unclear what the financial arrangements of the collaboration was, but this appears to be a standard nonequity alliance which is very common in the craft brewing world.